Vision Services

At Cornerstone Vision Development Center, we offer full vision testing services and vision therapy in Canton, Ohio and Kidron, Ohio. Our optometrists, Dr. Raber and Dr. Schrock, use a wide range of vision therapy methods with general eye care services to help treat many eye-related conditions without the use of surgery. 

To help you see better, read better, and live better, we offer comprehensive testing, and our doctors can prescribe a personalized therapeutic plan to treat your unique needs.

Vision Exams

Full Vision Testing Services

Our specialized vision exam is more than just testing for 20/20 vision. Our exam includes a complete examination of the patient's eye health, functional symptoms, visual acuity, and tests for eye tracking/saccades (eye movement and jumps), convergence (eye coordination), accommodation (ability to make vision clear), and visual processing (connection between brain and visual system) . Dr. Raber and Dr. Schrock recommend scheduling a comprehensive vision exam if you have 1 or more of the symptoms below:

Loses place while reading                     Sees words move or “swim”

Reverses letters or numbers                 Struggles with homework

Complains of headaches                       Rubs eyes or has eye strain

Closes or covers one eye                      Enjoys learning, but not reading

Our specialized vision exam lasts approximately 2.5 hours (Testing can be done in 1 or 2 sessions). After testing, our therapists schedule a follow-up appointment to review your results and diagnoses. If vision therapy is recommend, the doctor will develop and share an individualized therapy plan a with you. 

Vision is more than 20/20 acuity. We offer full vision testing. Schedule an Exam Today.

Is vision therapy right for your symptoms?  Take the Vision Symptoms Quiz.

Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy

Our individualized vision therapy programs build the visual skills each patient needs to see better, read better, and live better.  Vision therapy sessions last from 45 minutes to 1 hour and are scheduled once per week. 

Depending on each patient's diagnosis, Dr. Raber and Dr. Schrock will treat vision conditions using individualized vision therapy techniques including visual processing, perception therapy, sensory learning, syntonic photo-therapy, and more. 

Vision therapy is like physical therapy for your eyes! We can help train your eyes to work better together and strengthen the neural pathways in the brain for better visual processing. Vision therapy uses non-invasive procedures and exercises to improve visual ability, daily function, ease of use, and the ability to process visual information. 

Learn more about our vision therapy program. Meet Our Vision Therapy Team.

Visual Rehabilitation

Therapy for brain injury, stroke, concussion

Patients who have suffered any ailment, disease, or injury which has resulted in a vision impairment require visual rehabilitation. During rehabilitation, patients will undergo various treatments and vision therapies to restore their visual abilities to an optimal level of function.

We have seen life changing improvements in patients who have suffered stroke and other traumatic brain injuries. Vision therapy can help improve balance, reading ability, visual memory, and other symptoms that result of traumatic brain injuries. 

Improve and rebuild lost visual skills.  Learn More about Rehabilitation Services.

Computer Vision Treatment

Computer-aided 3D Vision Therapy

Computer vision treatment uses a specialized computer system and software program to improve binocular vision and treat eye conditions such as amblyopia. This software tracks eye movements, visual cognition, and binocular vision, while both assessing and treating conditions. 

Though software is available for at home purchase and use, it is recommended that patients complete computer vision treatment sessions under the supervision of an eye care professional.

Learn more about vision therapy. Read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Sports Vision

Sport Performance Vision Therapy

Sports and performance vision therapy aims to reduce the risk of injury and to improve the eye function of athletes by enhancing both visual perceptual skills and visual motor skills. Using visual acuity tests and corrective eyewear to modify vision, Dr. Raber also enhances the function of athletes' eyes using vision therapy treatments to better develop motor skills and cognitive perception of visual information. Take your performance to the next level--train your eyes like you train game.

Take your performance to the next level.  Schedule a Visual Assessment.

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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • ""It has greatly helped my headaches. I don't get nearly as many headaches and I feel better, too.""
  • ""I think that vision therapy has helped me a lot. I am more interested in reading and like to read for a longer time. My homework is also a lot easier. I can do it in less time and do not feel so frustrated when I am doing homework. I also have better grades in most subjects.""
  • ""My reading speed has increased and I finish my homework in less time. I don't feel so tired.""