Success Stories

When patients finish their vision therapy program we ask them to tell us what the program has done for them. Here's a sample of what they reported:

Keith - "Thanks to Dr. Raber, I am now in the National Honor Society at my school. Before vision therapy, reading was very hard and studying for school was not enjoyable."

Larry  - "Since I had vision therapy I can read faster and study better. Playing softball is a lot easier for me. My eyes do not get tired as quick."

Rebecca -  "I think that vision therapy has helped me a lot. I am more interested in reading and like to read for a longer time. My homework is also a lot easier. I can do it in less time and do not feel so frustrated when I am doing homework. I also have better grades in most subjects."

Rachel  - "It has greatly helped my headaches. I don't get nearly as many headaches and I feel better, too."

Eva - "I have less headaches, my eyes feel more relaxed and less strained. I'm more aware of how my eyes work and exactly what things are hard for my eyes to do and where and how my eyes start to feel strain."

Logan -  "This has helped me by improving my handwriting. I feel more self confident. Homework is easier and I finish my homework in less time. I feel like I am more coordinated, my balance has improved, and my rhythm and timing have improved. I am not getting headaches."

Douglas -  "Vision therapy has helped be remember what I read. It has helped me keep my attention on what I am reading.  I do not get headaches while reading anymore."

Mary Beth - "Since vision therapy, I do not have as many headaches and my eyes don't hurt as often.  I like to read more and my reading grade has gone from a D to a B.  I can also play baseball better."

Ben -  "My reading speed has increased and I finish my homework in less time. I don't feel so tired."

Austin -  "Studying seems easier now and I can complete tasks in less time. I like school now."

Kimberly  - "I have very few headaches now. Homework no longer takes hours and hours and I am reading more. "

Crystal -  "Vision therapy has helped me a lot. The thing I noticed the most is that I can read and do near work and not have a headache! I used to get a headache after only 15 minutes of reading or sewing. Now I can read or sew for an hour or two and not have  headaches, watery eyes or double vision.  Reading, sewing, and many other things are more enjoyable. Thank you Dr. Raber and staff for helping make my life better." 

Tim's Mom -  "Tim had a lazy eye. It improved quite a bit and I would definitely recommend therapy to someone with a learning disability or a lazy eye."

Kelsey -  "After my concussion playing soccer,  my grades dropped, reading was difficult, I struggled with balance and I  had difficulty concentrating.  I became upset and discouraged.  Vision therapy turned out to be the best change since my concussion. I was skeptical at first, but gradually my headaches disappeared, my balance improved tremendously, my grades improved and my interest in reading returned. Vision therapy helped me greatly and I'm more grateful than you could possibly know."

Daniel - "Before vision therapy, everything seemed rushed and confusing.  My eyes tensed up solving simple math equations  and made them harder.  Now my eyes are comfortable with everything.  I do not experience visual stress while reading papers, books and letters.  I would recommend vision therapy to others with similar problems."

Keith - "I can read better and longer periods of time.   I also can use the computer longer."

Andrea - " Vision therapy has helped me with reading.  I do not mind reading in front of people anymore and I read more because I enjoy it.  It has also helped me with my driving.  I can focus on the signs better and read them better from a distance."

Marissa - "I am able to see more clearly.  Besides improving my vision, my reading has also improved along with my balance and posture."

Levi - "I can read faster and for a longer time.  I am more interested in reading and and do more spontaneous reading."

Isaac - "I enjoy reading more than I did before vision therapy."

Joshua - "I don't have headaches during school.  I can play ball better and can read better."

Merlin - "Vision therapy has helped me read faster and longer and has helped me to write better."

Micah - "My eyes are not as tired and I get fewer headaches.  I can read longer, faster and understand what I read better.  I feel less tired and frustrated and my eyes feel better."

Carol - "School work is easier, I enjoy reading more and I have fewer headaches.  I understand recipes better when baking, playing ball is more fun and I enjoy reading stories to my little sisters."

Daniel - "I can read better and faster, my handwriting has improved and I process information better.  Thanks for what you all have done for me."

Tobias - "I don't get headaches after school .  I can read faster and understand what I have read.  I am better at sports and I enjoy them more."

Emma - "Vision therapy has helped me a lot.  It has helped me with reading, writing and relaxing."

Loretta - "I am able to read faster and for longer periods of time and I am more aware of my surroundings.  I'm not as tired when I get home from work."

Marie - " Vision therapy helped me with my reading and I can copy things off the blackboard a lot easier."

Marilyn - " Vision therapy has helped me with my school work and my reading goes a lost better.  Thanks for helping me."

Fannie - "I have less strain on my eyes.  I am not as tired and have fewer headaches.  I am also more aware of my surroundings."

Rosetta - "My main goal for vision therapy was to get rid of vision headaches.  Not only has VT gotten rid of headaches, but I am not limited on how long I do close work.  My skills for reading and writing have improved.  I can read longer, faster, comprehension has improved, I don't lose my place as often when reading and my eyes aren't tired all the time.  I have control over my  vision and my eyes feel better."

Sophie - "I can read smaller words, write neater and smaller, read faster, and am more aware of the things around me."

Jen (mother) - "Vision therapy has helped Luke not to be the last one done with his work in school. His eyes no longer dart and he can easily keep his place on the page while reading.  He has gained so much confidence in school because of vision therapy."

Olivia - " Since I started vision therapy, my grades have gotten better and my writing is neater.  Music lessons are going better and I get things quicker.  I also do not get car sick anymore.  VT has helped me a lot."

Russell - " Vision therapy has helped me become faster with multiplication tables in math, constructive hobbies, communicating with others and my posture."

Lauren - "Vision therapy has helped my vision a lot.  I see the chalkboard and whiteboard clearly."

Jeremiah - "Vision therapy has helped my eyes to focus and read better.  It has helped my side vision and made me feel better."

Leah - "Vision therapy has helped me visualize in my mind, improve my side vision and has helped with my balance".

Evan - "Vision therapy has helped me in reading."

Samuel -" I like to read more, my school lessons are easier and I can play ball better."

Kailyn - "Vision therapy has helped me get more homework done.  I don't squint or rub my eyes anymore.  I like to read more and a lot longer."

Jeremy - "I can read and see close better.  Reading does not give me headaches anymore. I can do school work better and now I like to read.  My writing is neater and I can spell better."

Molly - " With vision therapy my reading comprehension improved and my reading grade went from a C to an A.  I used to get very bad headaches and I no longer get them.  I will miss the staff at Cornerstone for they have become a huge part of my life."

Tyler -  "Vision therapy has helped me read better.  I feel less stressed and am more confident."

Jeffrey - "Vision therapy has helped me with reading."

Neva - "I can read and write better.  I am also not as hyper."

Dorothy - "Because of vision therapy, I have less  headaches and they are not as severe.  My eyes are not as stressed & tired and the occurrence of double vision has greatly improved.  I am grateful that I did vision therapy."

Julianna Rose - "Vision therapy helped me with my reading.  It was fun everyday because we had something new and I like the games."

Matthew - "I am glad for vision therapy. It helped my words become clearer.  Now I can read better and it's easier to catch balls.  Thank you so much."

Henry - "School is more fun."

Camille - "Vision therapy helped me with my reading. I have more fluency now.  I didn't like school last year, but I really like it now.  I really like to read again.  I loved working with Miss  Kelly and Dr. Raber. THANK YOU VISION THERAPY!"

Caden - "Vision therapy has helped me not to skip lines and words when reading.  It has also helped me in sports and helped me be more responsible."

Matthew - "I can read better, do not lose my place when reading and homework doesn't take as long. I also have more confidence."

Sydney - "Vision therapy has helped me do homework faster and get better grades. I no longer hold books too close when reading. I love vision therapy."

Ben - " Vision therapy has helped me with reading and from getting headaches so much."

Lamar - "My grades have improved and homework & lessons are easier.  Reading is more fun."

Ezra's Mother - "When Ezra began VT, my goal for Ezra was to be able to read for more than 5 minutes without fatigue and to reduce his accident proness.  His eyes struggled with convergence, tracking and poor periphery.  After nine months of VT, I saw progress in all of these areas.  The progress seemed slow at times and it was hard work, but it paid off.  Ezra now seldom has accidents (falling & knocking into things) and his endurance in reading is more than doubled and he is retaining words better."

Bryant - " Before vision therapy it was hard to read.  Now reading and spelling have become easier and I have less homework."

Alson - "School is a lot more fun than it was before VT.  I enjoy reading now and don't have homework anymore.  My grades have gotten better and I don't get headaches as much."

Ellie - "Vision therapy helped my eyes to feel better & work together.  It helped me like reading and I don't fall as much!"

Kyle's Mother - "Vision therapy has much improved our son's handwriting and reading.  He received most improved student award for his whole kindergarten class for the whole school year of 2014-2015.  He met all of his IEP goals this year.  His teacher and school OT were very pleased with his progress this year."

Connor - "Vision therapy is helping me to slow down.  The words don't jump/dance across the page anymore.  My hand-eye coordination has definitely improved.  I like to play ball now.  Reading is more fun!"

Sharon - "Vision therapy has helped me to read, focus and visualize better.  It has helped me to get my homework done quicker and my hand writing has improved."

Most of our patients come from Wayne, Holmes, Tuscarawas and Stark Counties. However, because we work with children with learning related visual problems, we have patients that come from an extended range, including Ashland, Richland, Medina, Knox and Coshocton Counties.

Communities we serve include: Apple Creek, Ashland, Canal Fulton, Canton, Dalton, Dover, Mansfield, Massillon, Medina, Millersburg, New Philadelphia, North Canton, Orrville, Wadsworth and Wooster. If your child is struggling at school, we urge you to schedule a developmental eye exam.


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